A control company’s (MC) bid to eliminate a shoe cupboard positioned in the frequent corridor of this Infinity condo in West Coast Park was refused by a judge.

In judgment for the scenario, District Judge Lim Wen Juin noted that while the existence of the shoe cupboard beside the flat’s front door broke the by-law of their condo, the MC won’t be receiving the court order needed to induce the unit owner to eliminate stated cupboard, The New Paper.

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He considers that this arrangement will be”disproportionate” to the violation provided that the cabinet doesn’t intrude on any individual’s rights nor block movement in the corridor.

The MC had, amongst others, claimed the cupboard — that steps 0.36m wide and 1.06m — decreased the frequent corridor’s width readily available for fire escape.

The judge mentioned that the by-law’s prohibition on preserving, quitting or leaving personal belongings within shared areas and staircases, irrespective of character, size and if it disturbs people’s route is indeed broadly couched.

For this, leaving little items such as a pair of sneakers or flower bud in the frequent corridor could lead to a violation, ” he added.

The judge chided the MC for not being even-handed from the enforcement of its own by-laws.

This comes as photos showed that many different owners left their own personal belongings in the frequent corridor right out of their units.

The MC clarified it targeted the cupboard as it had been the biggest and newest of those offending cabinets, including that it would continue to do it contrary to others following their achievement in this circumstance.

On the other hand, the estimate doubts that the MC will take some actions contrary to the other owners. He also disagreed with the logic and excuse for taking action contrary to the most recent cupboard, also noticed that there were other cabinets which were bigger in dimension.

MC’s attorney Leo Cheng Suan disclosed they will be appealing against the decision.