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This graph from EDMUND TIE proves that with regards to earnings of non-landed units by cost range and market sections, buyers of units less compared to 1.5theres improved quarter over quarter, with all buyers at the Core Central Region (CCR) recording the majority of the trades of 57% from the $1m to $1.5theres cost bracket. That is compared to just 25% of trades in Q4 2019.

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This mostly came from smaller bedroom configurations of less than 500 sqft and involving 500 sqft into 700 sqft in the recently launched The M.

Correspondingly, the percentage of trades in the other cost bands declined to a QoQ

For new earnings from the $1.5m to $2m price group, there was an increase in real trade volume 126 units in Q1 in 95 units the prior quarter despite a decrease in percentage to 23% in Q1 from 25% in Q4 2019.

For new sales in the remainder of Central Region (RCR), there was a 5% increase to 15% in Q1 in percentage of trades in the purchase price assortment of $2m to $3m plus a 1% rise to 3% within precisely the exact same period for units higher than $3m. These trades were largely of dimensions which range from 1,000 to 1,500 sqft, from components offered at Jadescape and Margaret Ville.